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A Feminine Woman Is Not An Oppressed Woman

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, this site isn't just about style and fashion it is about femininity overall. Over the past forty years women have been told to suppress their femininity and be more masculine and this will make them happier and equal to men. Well, let me let you in on something that has been one of the biggest lies in history. In fact, women's happiness has gone down since the feminist movement. Women today are more unhappy and confused than ever before and they just don't know why they feel this way.

Well, I'm here to explain to you everything that is wrong with today's women and how you can fix it. Brace yourself this won't be pretty because the cold hard truth never is. However, you can learn from this and move forward to a much happier and peaceful state of mind without having to constantly suppress your natural instincts to appease the crowd. Keep in mind the crowd you're trying to follow wants to keep you single, barren, and miserable like them. The age old saying, "misery loves company" and feminism has made women beyond miserable and not even marriageable let alone dateable.

I'll start this off with a quote from a prominent feminist from the 1960's (for those of you who love 2nd wave feminism without knowing the truth).

"The nuclear family must be destroyed...whatever its ultimate meaning, the breakup of families now is an objectively revolutionary process."

That was said by famous feminist Linda Gordon. This movement was designed to go against GOD's natural order and his plan. Unfortunately, too many so called conservative and even worse so called Christian women fell for this lie for decades.

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