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Style Icons: Who Is Your Favorite Style Icon?

Have you ever wondered what style suits you more or which style you prefer overall? Think of your favorite style icon. It could be someone famous or someone you know personally that you feel has a unique and chic style that makes you feel inspired to change your look.

Think of your favorite style icon whether it's a celebrity or someone you know personally and take some inspiration and add your your own details if you'd like. Many places sell items very similar to the fashion icons at a very affordable price and even good quality. If you love a more feminine, classic, and sophisticated look I would recommend taking some inspiration from the past. The women were more sophisticated and chicer, and they seem to just embody femininity something that has been lost for quite some time. In this article I'll be focusing on the more popular style icons and how you can achieve their look and be inspired by their style.

Audrey Hepburn

One of my personal favorites is Audrey Hepburn she was so graceful and so chic and, in many ways, had the simplest style. However, in my opinion what made Audrey Hepburn so different from the rest is that she held her head up high. She had class, confidence, femininity, and grace that seemed so natural and second nature to her. Even her off screen casual outfits were so prim and proper which were, khakis, polo shirt, a scarf and cardigan and she made it look so simple but so chic. She worked with the great designer Hubert Givenchy which helped her become the fashion icon we all know and admire. Her clothes were well tailored to fit her, and her beauty and class shined through her wardrobe. She was truly her own woman and in a class of her own.

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